Relax to the Max Guide to Chair Massage Techniques

Chair massage can be a profitable addition to your practice. Unfortunately, most massage techniques you learn in massage school don’t work well with a massage chair. As a result, we end up either doing light ineffective massage or stressing our hands and hurting our bodies.

In these chair massage techniques videos, the most comprehensive video training you’ll find anywhere, you’ll discover that chair massage does not need to be hard on your body. You’ll find out how to use your body in an efficient way, maximizing leverage and your body weight, while minimizing stress to your back and your thumbs. You’ll learn to apply the eight principles of efficient body use that will help make your chair massage effortless.

In this online video program you’ll discover…

  • The 8 essential principles of effective body use
  • Dozens of effective, easy-to-perform chair massage techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • A 15-minute market-tested routine for use in corporate environments
  • Detailed instructions on setting up your massage chair for maximum comfort
  • The “fainting phenomenon” that is unique to chair massage and how to prevent it from happening to your customers
  • How to use your body for maximum effectiveness without stress to your hands or back
  • Dozens of effective easy to perform chair massage techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • A complete series of lower body techniques performed right in the chair
  • How to perform stretches for tight muscles with your customer seated in the chair
  • Guidelines for customizing your chair massage, whether you are doing a two-minute sample or a one-hour full body massage

These chair massage techniques videos are the most comprehensive resource available for learning how to do a powerful, safe and effective chair massage.